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Here are the winners:

Responsible partnerInstitutionProject title
VBCFInstitute of Molecular Pathology, ViennaSetup co-expression of LUBAC-wt complex using the PiggyBac System
VBCFInstitute of Molecular Pathology, ViennaCharacterization of the conserved sperm-expressed fertilization factors Dcst1/Dcst2
VBCFGregor-Mendel-Institute of Molecular Plant Biology, Austrian Academy of Sciences, ViennaProduction of bacterial flagellin proteins using the drosophila S2 system
BMCInstitute of Chemistry, Department of Glycobiology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, BratislavaPreparation of human N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I in recombinant form for the study of its therapeutic inhibitory scaffold
BMCInstitute of Zoology, Department of Animal Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, BratislavaMolecular cloning, expression and isolation of human transforming growth factor as a search tool for immunologically important proteins from tick saliva
BMCFaculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, BratislavaExpression and purification of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in prokaryotic system with the direct implication for serological tests

Call closed

Eligible beneficiaries/users

Researchers from the Slovak-Austrian cross-border region (Niederösterreich, Wien, Nord- and Mittelburgenland, Bratislavský kraj, Trnavský kraj) working at:

  • Universities and research institutes
  • Small/Medium size enterprises
  • Start-Ups

Selection process

The selection process is composed of two steps:
  •  Technical feasibility – The leading scientists of the CAPSID project at VBCF and BMC judge the technical feasibility of the submitted research project at their facilities (YES/NO decision).
  •  Financial feasibility – For each access, only a limited amount of support can be provided with respect to the total budget dedicated to the project. Financial feasibility will be evaluated and negotiated individually for each proposal.

All received project proposals to be implemented at BMC/VBCF will be forwarded to the selection process immediately. If the proposals are evaluated positively, the applicants are invited to bring their samples to the facility.

Deadlines and funding

The call is open from now on until the capacity for open accesses is depleted. All projects must be implemented by 30 June 2021.

Project proposals that successfully pass through the selection procedure will be supported by CAPSID project funded via the EU programme Interreg V-A Slovakia – Austria.

Use of the research infrastructures and interpretation of the obtained results is provided for free. The users are obliged to provide his/her own samples in a sufficient quality. The grant does not cover travel or accommodation expenses.

Fill in the application form and send it to State “Capsid open access proposal” in the subject line.

General Conditions of Access

Intellectual property

Intellectual property generated within the research projects belongs to the user.

Nature of research and publication of results:

This call intends to support projects of basic and applied research. All research results achieved under this call shall be published.


Publications resulting from the work undertaken at VBCF in the framework of CAPSID project have to contain an acknowledgment as follows:

CAPSID project funded via Interreg V-A Slovakia – Austria is gratefully acknowledged for the financial support of the services at the VBCF Core facility Protein Technologies.

A similar acknowledgment should be included during conference presentations, including the proceedings, and at other public presentations.

Users shall notify CAPSID project managers of all publications resulting from this open access call. A PDF file and reference details of a publication as soon as it has been published are necessary. Please indicate the type of publication: Scientific Journal, Book, Patent, Proceedings, an article on the internet, or other. These publications should also carry the acknowledgment given above.

Safety requirements

Users must comply with all relevant health and occupational safety rules.

Users who carry potentially dangerous materials and/or equipment must notify VBCF.

All visitors bringing material, including samples or equipment are advised that such equipment or material remains entirely in the responsibility of the visitors concerned.