Project summary

The cross-border region between the capital cities of Vienna and Bratislava is characterized by a high number of universities and research institutions. Only a few of these institutions have a strong international reputation in the field of biomedical sciences and there is still a low level of knowledge-intensive services.

This project addresses both challenges, since international scientists will be brought to the region, training opportunities will be increased and new expertise as well as new knowledge-intensive services in the production of biomedical relevant proteins will be developed. The activities include a joint science project to develop a service platform, an open access project, training opportunities through visits from international scientists, one international conference and scientific workshops. The activities will be offered to universities and research institutes, but also for biotech companies and start-ups based in the region. All activities will be implemented together in Vienna and Bratislava.

Individual project goals are:

  1. The improvement of scientific networks and international visibility of participating institutions, measured through the number of participants in networking events and trainings
  2. The establishment of long-term collaborations between partners, evidenced through the number of research organizations involved in the project
  3. Development of new knowledge and expertise for both partners through the development of the service platform

This project will create both, a new research collaboration and a new research platform as well as increase the quality of the cross-border research community through increased international network and improved training opportunities.

At the end of the project:

  1. We will provide new research services and competencies
  2. We will used this knowledge to develop a virtual research platform
  3. We will have brought together 30 cross-border scientists working with viral proteins and human glycoproteins and trained 50-70 international scientists.

Scientists on both sides of the cross-border region will profit from the new knowledge and the new services provided by the project and benefit from increased networking opportunities.  By the integration of many strategic partner we expect to reach 12 academic research groups through the Open Access activity and the virtual platform. The platform will be continued by the project partners and strategic partners after the end of the project, thus ensuring that the research protocols and expertise will be available to the entire research community in the region.

The long-term benefit of this project is the proliferation of cross-border knowledge transfer and scientific cooperation, increasing the innovation potential of the region through research services and expertise and increase the attractiveness of the region for highly qualified international scientists through improved scientific exchangeand visibility.

Duration: July 2018 – June 2021

Total costs: € 573.165

Funded by: EU

Funding programme: Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria

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