Work packages

Work package 1: Project management

This work package will ensure smooth and efficient project administration, risk and quality management. The project manager at VBCF will be responsible for monitoring and reporting of the project activities towards the program managing authority. This work package also includes the organization and implementation of a Kick-Off Meeting as well as yearly project meetings to discuss the progress and project quality, assess risk factors and plan project activities for the next year.

Work package 2: Communication

The main target group of the project are universities and research institutes, but also biotech companies and start-ups based in the region. They will be invited to participate in events for expert audience in the framework of WP4 (Conference Virology in the Danube region, 3workshops, Seminar series). Furthermore, press releases, announcements in social media as well as a regular updated project website will be used to raise awareness of the project activities and their benefits for the cross-border region.We are also targeting the international virology community and participation of project partners in international conferences will raise international awareness of the project and contribute to the project results directly through increased networking and scientific exchange.

Work package 3: Co-development of a platform for production of biomedical relevant proteins critical for research in Virology

We will establish a new collaboration in the field of virology and biomedicine to develop methods for the production of viral proteins and biomedical relevant glycoproteins. These proteins are difficult to obtain in purified form and require specialized manufacturing and purification processes, and their demand is increasing continuously. Standard workflows used by VBCF are not sufficient for effective production and purification of these proteins. The experience of the Slovak partner in the characterization of viral and glycoproteins enable us to have standardized workflows for these proteins. The protocols will be used to develop a platform for efficient production and purification of viral and glycoproteins. In the last year of the project, cross-border researchers can test this new platform through an open access research visit to VBCF. In addition, the open access program aims giving Slovak researchers access to high-quality research infrastructures. With the support of the strategic partners, the know-how required for the platform will also become one integrated larger virtual platform in which the developed protocols and workflows will be shared with the research community to replicate this platform at other research sites.

Work package 4: Capacity building in the cross-border region through scientific exchange and development of an international scientific reputation in the field of Virology

One of the biggest challenges in the cross-border region, especially on the Slovak side, is the absence of an international scientific reputation and access to networking opportunities with international researchers. This work package deals with cross-border activities to facilitate the interaction with international experts as well as organization of events to increase the visibility of scientific research in the region and promote knowledge transfer and exchange. The BMC will organize a workshop in 2019 and an international scientific conference. A second workshop will be held at VBCF in June 2020 organized together with the launch of WP3’sOpen Access program. In addition, BMC and VBCF together organize a series of seminars with invited international experts in order to improve networking opportunities for cross-border researchers and at the same time, raise awareness of international scientists for the research in the cross-border region.