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This is an interactive database for protocols on protein expression and purification. Protocols are free to download and use. If you have suggestions for improvements or corrections, please use the comment function below.

Protein Expression and Purification Protocols

SOP developed by project partnerTitle of SOPApplicationLast updated on
VBCFManual Magnetic Bead IMAC Screen ProtocolTest expression in E. coli and purification using magnetic IMAC beads of target constructsApril, 27th 2021
VBCFTransient Transfection of EXPRES2 cells in 24-well plateTransiently transfect Expres2 cells in 24-well format for production of secreted recombinant proteinsApril, 27th 2021
VBCFE.coli small-scale expression and purificationTest expression and affinity purification of several constructs in parallel
April, 27th 2021
VBCFHEK293 FreeStyle – PiggyBac stable cell linesInducible recombinant expression in mammalian system in form of stable cell line generationApril, 27th 2021

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